I know

I know that I am the one who should be blamed as to whatever happened to whatever it is that was between us, if that ‘us’ really existed. Yes, I clearly know that for a fact, but then upon realizing that it was wrong and I have made a mistake for treating you the way I did, I then tried to be a lot nicer, better, all because I love you and I really need you. But I didn’t expect that you’ll drift away this fast, it hurt me a lot. It ripped my heart out, it really hurts. You knew that a few days ago, I tried, tried really hard to win you back, steal your heart, be mine. However, I also realized that I have no one to win back, no one to steal a heart from, no one to be mine again, all because you were never mine.  I tried communicating again, to ignite a fire to whatever is left in there, just to bring back everything that once was, well I guess, I was just not enough. I guess you thought that you’ve learned your lesson, that lesson is that loving me will just hurt you, I know I did hurt you but here I am now asking for forgiveness and ready to love you more than you thought anyone could have done. But you’re gone. GONE.