Complicated? It’s quite more than that

We were there, we were quite there, but it’s more than that.

I can’t quite look at you when we go out with friends to drinking sessions, and when we sing at Karaoke night, singing the songs we sang each other before. I can’t even quite imagine how we ended up this way, trying to just glance at each other, with talking eyes – screaming to please end this agony. I think we had this silent agreement to just let everything that happened between the two of us as private as we could, letting no one, not any person (even the closest to us) know because we know that it can destroy not only the two of us but a lot of people in the process. I think we will just continue to traverse this path – hurting each other just to protect the people we love.

It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t even close to complicated at all. It was more than that.

But know that you are loved, being loved, and I will always love you – no matter what.

In response to Complicated. August 15, 2016.


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