Ghosts- The haunting memories

Up until now, you still haunt me, you are still in me. Cold, lifeless – that’s how you treat me now. You’re there, but now a ghost. The memories still haunt me, and I still wake up in the middle of the night thinking what happened to us, how did it happen to us.

It wasn’t always that clear why we met, why that chain message I sent you started what we had, the unlabeled something that somehow mattered to me. Why you also replied although it was clearly a ploy that amounted to nothing. Maybe I wanted you, err, I noticed you since that day in the pool – you looked at me like we knew each other, like you want me, like I was yours and you mine. I think it’s funny that you’ve admitted that it was the day you started noticing me too, isn’t it? But now all we had was gone, I can ask no more.

Maybe it already ended before it even started. Maybe it is really doomed to end from the  very start. I guess destiny and fate are just great being the best and worst bitches that we can ever have.

August 17, 2016



7 thoughts on “Ghosts- The haunting memories

      1. Definitely on point. I wrote this because I can’t talk to anyone. I have no one to really talk this feelings about. It has been more than a year but I still haven’t moved on. And the fact that we two are almost always together adds up to the grief that I feel. It’s like we were together but just not quite. 😦

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      2. Ironically I know exactly how you feel… my best friend went through a scenario 95% similar to yours… she was in blues because she never thought she’d be able to get over it
        But out of the blue a complete stranger came along and changed her life upside down (for the better) few years down the line and they’re strong as ever…
        Believe me things can only go up and better when you’ve hit the bottom


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